Gyms in Hackney

With the ever increasing number of fitness studios and gyms here in London, it has now become a lot more difficult to find a quality gym.

fitness-gym-ukJudging from my experience, the best gyms in Hackney are by a large margin the smaller, often independent fitness gyms and not those with a big name.

I see that most of the smaller fitness gyms here in Hackney are still providing friendly quality service.

Many of the bigger gym chains don’t seem to give a lot about customer service and friendliness any longer.

But poor customer service and friendliness wouldn’t even be the worst when we are talking about gyms here in the capital. What’s even worse then worse than poor customer service is when a fitness studio has outdated equipment. This, if you ask me,  it really how you can spot the good and the bad gyms here in London. If the gym seems to be saving on their fitness equipment it is clear to me that those folks are really only in the money and not so much as to provide you a good place for you can do something for your fitness.

So, what’s your experience with fitness gyms here in Hackney?

Do you know any good ones you can recommend to our readers? Let us know!

As a final and probably the most important tip that I can give to you when you are looking for a good gym is that you should always take your time choosing one. Only when you can compare a number of fitness gyms with each other you can pick the one that’s most suitable for you.

My favourite Hackney Gym is London Fields barred I’m sure you might find other good gyms if you take your time looking.

Magnetic Bracelets For Athletes

If you happen to have an eye for detail and follow some major sports events today you may spot the one or the other athlete that wears some type of bracelet that at first glance may look out of place to you.

Those bracelets may not look like ordinary jewellery which, let’s be honest, wouldn’t make too much sense anyway to find on a professional athlete such as a golfer, right?

So what type of bracelets are we dealing with here?

I can reveal the “secret” to you right away: Those guys wear either magnetic bracelets or what is called “ionic power band”.

ionic-power-bandsEach of those is said to have various benefits for health and overall-well being.

The magnetic types of bracelets have shown to be beneficial in avoiding and relieving joint paints and muscle pains which are obviously quite common amongst those professionals, think about a golfer who practices their golf swing for many hours per day.

The ionic power bands are said to have similar benefits. This jewellery creates negative ions that have scientifically shown to increase energy levels, focus and concentration, another things that makes them perfect fro athletes.

Those athletic bracelets furthermore differ from “normal” jewellery in a way that they’re made from very soft materials such as stretchy silicone rather than made from metal materials.

So, if you love golf or happen to be active in any other sporting activity, why not give a trendy ionic or magnetic bracelet a try?

What is a Fire Spotting Camera?

Signifire-fire-cameraA couple of weeks ago we had a fire safety training here in the company.

There was this guy showing us things like how to use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

But what really caught my attention is when we had a chance to learn a little about modern ways to detect fires, some of them didn’t even know they exist like the Signifire fire spotting camera.

A fire spotting camera looks just like a normal CCTV camera except that it uses advanced computer and image processing technology to detect fire and smoke.

So basically, the camera can spot smoke or fire automatically.

We were told that the Signifire camera can be used for fire detection prevention in many areas where other devices such as smoke detectors simply won’t work. Think about large outside area, forests, festival grounds and similar. Those are all places where you cannot just put smoke detectors up and where a fire spotting camera can come in very handy.

Similarly as with other modern commercial fire detection systems, the Signifire camera can be hooked up in a way that it calls the fire brigade automatically. This is another big advantage of the fire spotting camera because with normal smoke detectors it means that a fire or smoke first needs to reach the detector so the alarm goes of. Or in other words, a fire spotting camera can detect a fire much quicker!

Since many companies may already have a system of cameras in place that can easily add a Signifire fire camera to their existing system. There is no other, major work required to set it up.

More Alarming Cases Of False Widow Spider Bites In the UK


A woman ‘nearly lost her leg’ after she had complications following the bite from a false widow spider, at least according to The Mirror. The article describes in detail the pain a woman from Enfield Town, north London had to go through after her spider byte got infected. Despite being given antibiotics, the woman’s condition soon got worse with her leg doubling in size.

The Finger Had To Be Amputated After The Byte Lead To An Infection

The Finger Had To Be Amputated After The Byte Lead To An Infection

This case is just another in the series of recent incidents involving the venomous spider.

In the same town, in Enfield, a girl feared she would lose her hand after being bitten in Cineworld, Southbury Road earlier this year.

Another, even worse incident is reported from Durham.

There, a woman lost a finger after the byte lead to a life-threatening infection. Doctors had no other option than to amputate the woman’s finger.

How Not To Lose Your Money At Horse Races

Normally, when I start talking to someone about my passion for horse racing in the United Kingdom, it won’t take a minute or two until I get asked about some horse racing tips.

horse-racing-uk-2If I were a shady type-of-guy I could probably make a lot of money. From what I see, some of the people I talked with in the past would be more than willing to pay good money if they just think they get solid tips in return.

The truth is that I usually tell those people right away that they should stop looking for and falling for the many “systems” out there as you may can come across if you surf the internet. In fact, there is only a handful of betting sites dedicated to horse racing that are halfway reliable and reputable.

Those are the major websites such as The Racing Post or other sites that would allow you to get a lot of insight knowledge about the races. Now, it’s obvious that most us won’t have the time to study the races for months if not years to obtain the required knowledge to establish a good betting strategy. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only real way to go tho.

But there is a way around this problem. If you’re interested in getting working horse racing tips I can recommend the professional this professional betting advice by Bob Rothman. These horse racing tips have been proven to work and they’re based on a solid system and many years of his expertise in British horse racing. My experience with those tips is overwhelmingly positive so I can recommend that you consider them if you love horse racing as much as I do.

Getting Golf Cart Parts

If you are the lucky owner of a golf cart, be assured that sooner or later you will come across the situation that you will require a spare part or other type of accessory for your cart. Those parts may be essential parts such as spare tires that will always be needed or less essential parts such as golf cart covers, drink holders or extra storage boxes.

No matter what type of golf cart part you intend to get, obtaining them it’s not always very easy and straightforward. Few of us are lucky enough to have a golf cart parts retailer close by where they simply could drive by in order to get whatever they need.

It is more likely that you, the passionate golfer, will end up purchasing them on the Internet. At first glance this looks rather easy to do. I mean, what could go wrong obtaining golf cart parts and golf cart accessories online?

But this is exactly where many who love golf are wrong. Buying golf cart parts on the Internet will also require some diligence in advance otherwise the golfer may risk to spend their hard earned money to get poor quality and bad service in return.

The first thing you need to do when you are selecting an online vendor for your golf spares would be to make sure that the vendor is authorised to sell genuine golf cart parts. You should look over the websites you can find a note about whether the seller is an authorised seller for the common golf cart brands such as Yamaha, EZGO or Club Car.

Some golf cart part sellers may have cheaper, no-name parts in stock as well. Such parts may work if you only require less critical parts or golf cart accessories such as cup-holders and the like. For the crucial parts for your cart such as batteries or tires you should however always make sure that you get genuine brand name parts. With them you can make sure that you can enjoy your game of golf a long time.


Choosing Musical Entertainment For Your Next Event

When I talk about “event” I mean a large party-type event such as a big party, wedding or corporate event. Normally, people don’t think about the entertainment side of things here too much amongst all the other planning worries such as finding a caterer or figuring out the best way to seat the guests.

What’s important to note here is that getting the right musical entertainment for your event is at least as important as those above things, if not more.

Wedding-BandWhat options does the party planner have today when it comes to selecting the best event entertainment?

Obviously, this will always depend on the type of event in questions. For wedding receptions and weddings, nothing can really beat a live band.

You can book a music band today which could be a small jazz ensemble or if you wish your local revival band that can play all the popular songs your guests know and like.

For parties, a live band can also be a good option but here you can also look into hiring a skilled DJ. A DJ may be all you need for your next pool party or the next birthday.

For special events that you want to make really unforgettable, look into booking The Singing Waiters. Those entertainers are perfect fro wedding receptions, large parties and in particular for corporate events. The singing waiters can make for very tasteful and classy musical wedding entertainment that will be the talk amongst your guests for months to come.

Last but not least, consider your spending budget. Normally, a DJ may be the most affordable choice as compared to professional event musicians. But that doesn’t mean that you may not be able to find a live music band in your area that’s decent and affordable at the same time.